Advice on Pedestrian Injuries

A personal injury attorney might hear this all the time. An innocent pedestrian goes out for a walk. They are minding their own business crossing the street or even walking on the sidewalk. The pedestrian suffers an injury that is caused by a careless driver or defects on the sidewalk. Certainly, it appears even going for a stroll down a familiar street is risky business. Of course, a pedestrian that suffers an injury has serious questions on their mind. They might ask a personal injury attorney about their legal right to sue.

Pedestrian Rights

Let’s take a look at a few scenarios. A pedestrian is walking down the street. They cross at the light. A driver hits them just as they are about to cross the street. Do they have the right to sue the driver? Well, if the driver was negligent in any way the pedestrian has the legal right to sue. For example, the driver was speeding, driving aimlessly, driving through a red light, driving drunk. Pedestrians also complain about the rise in bike traffic. This has led to more collisions between pedestrians and bike riders. The fact is that a pedestrian has the legal right to sue a bike rider that is negligent too. Of course, they would have to prove the negligence. For example, show the biker was speeding, running red lights, or riding on the sidewalk.

Drivers Duty

It is important to understand the driver’s duty, to fully understand the negligence aspect of a case. For example, every driver behind the wheel of a car, motorcycle, truck or bicycle must show reasonable care while they are behind the wheel. Therefore, any driver that commits the following is negligent:

  • Distracted Driving
  • Reckless Speeding
  • Not Yielding to Pedestrians
  • Disobeying Traffic Signs
  • Failure To Signal Turns
  • Driving Under Influence Drugs, Alcohol

Driver’s Rights

It is important to take a careful look at the driver’s rights too. A driver might have cause to sue the pedestrian if they were negligent in anyway. At this point, many pedestrians might become confused. Didn’t the driver hit them? Well, at this, an accident attorney should be consulted to work out all the legal details. The fact is that a driver might accuse the pedestrian of negligence. The pedestrian must exercise reasonable care of their own safety under certain circumstances. For example, a typical sign of neglect contributing to the collision might include ignoring street signs, darting between cars and trucks, even walking and talking on a cell phone.

If you are involved in any type of collision or accident, contact an accident attorney immediately. Don’t let the negligent driver accuse you of an action that led to the accident. Remember, you only have a limited amount of legal time to contact an attorney and sue the negligent driver that caused the accident. Remember, pedestrian and driver related accidents are very complicated and require an experience legal mind to handle the case.

This article was written by Pacific Attorney Group – a California law firm that has San Diego car accident lawyer ready to help get you the justice you deserve.

North County (San Diego area)

Expansive beaches, sun and warmth, natural preserves and open spaces – these are the embodiment of many peoples’ most ideal place to live. These are also just a few of the attributes of San Diego’s North County. With its miles of coastlines, dotted with small, picturesque towns, visitors can truly get that feeling of tropical escape.

The outdoors person’s paradise, the North County region offers a geography and outdoor activity scene that are superb. Hiking, biking, nature-watching, and horseback riding are all easily accessed with Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve being the epicenter. The nearby Carlsbad Lagoon offers excellent opportunities in sightseeing, marine and boat sports, fishing, and more. The renowned Historic Highway 101 also offers plenty of fishing opportunities as well as a popular biking route. National Geographic also designated the coastal town of Encinitas as being among the best surf towns in the world.

In addition to these abundant, outdoor offerings, many other sports are also quite active here. This is especially true of golf. A virtual golfer’s dream, the area features more than 40 unique courses. Set among the cool Pacific breezes and the beautiful landscapes native to the region, guests can run courses such as the famous Arnold Palmer-designed Park Hyatt Aviara and Tom Fazio-designed Fairmont Grand Del Mar.

As if all of this isn’t enough to keep one busy, the North County region is also rich with other entertainment venues. Lego-lovers from around the world descend here regularly to visit and play at Legoland. The Del Mar Fairgrounds offers different events throughout the year, including the Del Mar Thoroughbred Races and the Del Mar Fair. The San Diego Botanic Garden offers visitors a fantastic look at the region’s beautiful flora and fauna. For the adults-only excursion, casino-gaming, wineries, and breweries are aplenty.

For animal lovers, there is much to see and do. The SeaLife Aquarium is a huge draw itself. This is also true of the always-exciting SeaWorld San Diego. When you are done here, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is always a great option for the whole family as well.

In mentioning family, San Diego’s North County region offers a great, local community and world of commerce and business for that ultimate security in raising families and setting down roots. From malls, tourism hot spots, and many banking opportunities, down to fresh food markets, city services, and even the occasional San Diego car accident attorney, the region is perfectly established in service, sport, and infrastructure alike.

Whether for the tourist looking for outdoor paradise, or the family looking for just the right place to settle down, the San Diego area’s North County has a lot to offer everyone. This is true regardless of age or individual interests. If for some reason you should need justification to leave, Disneyland in Anaheim is only about an hour away!